BENEFITT Couscous 500g

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Tasty garnish

Quick and easy to prepare


Net weight: 500g


Easy to digest, well known from the Arabic cuisine durum wheat groats, whose popularity lies in its fast and simple preparation and excellent taste.


Application: Add twice the amount of boiling water than couscous. Season it with salt and let it rest for 5-6 minutes. Mix it with 1-2 tbs. butter, olive oil or coconut fat. Season it according to your taste. You can get a tasty sweet with adding honey, raisin or walnut.


Ingredients: durum wheat groats (couscous)


Nutrition facts 100 g product

Energy:                                           1572 kJ / 372 kcal

Fat:                                                      4,22 g

   Saturates                        0,27 g               

Carbohydrates:                                           72,85 g

   Sugar:                                        0,8 g

Fiber:                                                     8,5 g

Protein:                                                11,02 g

Salt*:                                                   0,009 g

   *A couscous contains salt solely due to the natural presence of sodium.


Country of origin: EU

Best before: Noted on the package (day/month/year).

Storage instructions: odor-free, dry place, at room temperature (15-25°C).

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