BENEFITT Black Chia seed 500g

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Popular raw material of reform cookery. Rich in vegetable omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. High fiber and protein content.


Application: Mix it with cereal and oatmeal. Also suitable for enriching cakes and breads. Before application, chop the seed in order to utilize the nutrients more easily.

Warning: Do not consume more than 15 g per day for adults! Children must consume proportionately less! Can create laxative effect. Taking this dietary supplement is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women and for those who suffer from high blood pressure or other cardiovascular diseases! Due to its high fiber content, bloating and gas formation may occur.


Ingredients: Chia (Salvia hispanica) seed (dark)


Nutrition facts/ 100 g product:

    Energy:                           1875 kJ / 446 kcal

    Fat:                                                                      31,4 g

        : Saturated fats:                                 3,8 g

                     Monounsaturated fats:      2,7 g

                     Polyunsaturated fats: 24,9 g

                              omega-6 fatty acids:           6,4 g

                                            linoleic acid                  6,4g

                                       omega-3 fatty acids:          18,5 g    

                                            alpha-linolenic acid:  18,5 g

    Carbohydrates:                                                             4,9 g

       Sugars                                                        0,8 g  

    Fiber:                                                                      33,7 g

    Protein:                                                                21,2 g

    Salt:                                                                   0,00075 g


Country of origin: Paraguay

Best before: Noted on the package (day/month/year)

Storage instructions: dry, cool place.

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