BENEFITT Ascorbic acid 1000g

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Ascorbic acid

For culinary purposes, for baking-cooking

Net weight: 1000g


Vitamin with antioxidant activity
Can be used for baking or cooking
Keeps your food and dishes fresh


Ascorbic acid – also known as Vitamin C – can be used to prevent oxidative, brownish discoloration of jams, canned fruits, fruits and fruit creams, to adjust adequate acid content of them or to preserve freshness of breads and cookies. As a water-soluble vitamin, its beneficial effect on the immune system is well-known. 



For vitamin supplementation you should take 1 flat teaspoon (1g) of it, dissolved in a glass of fruit juice or tea, preferably after your meal.

In case of preparing canned fruit, pickles of jams, you should give 1 tablespoon (5g) ascorbic acid to every 5kg annealed end-product.


Ingredients: ascorbic acid


Allergenic compounds: The product is manufactured in a plant in which soy and gluten containing food is also processed.


State of origin: China

Best before: noted on the package (day/month/year)

Storage: store at a dry and cool place.

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