BENEFITT Almond flour 250g

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Pre-cooked, from ground almonds, flour substitute

Net weight: 250 g

Recommended as a replacement of gluten-containing flours for pastries. Due to its pleasant, sweet taste and low glycemic index, it is popular with connoisseurs or even those who follow a diet.

Application: For baking and cooking, thickening, for creams or mixed with other flours. Thanks to its high fat content the dough will be soft and airy. Excellent pancake ingredient.

Ingredients: 100% blanched almond

Nutrition facts 100 g product

Energy:                                           2608 kJ /623 kcal

Fat:                                                     54,1 g

   Saturates                   4,22 g               

Carbohydrates:                                           10,0 g

   Sugar:                                        6,9 g

Fiber:                                                       10,7 g

Protein:                                                  24,1 g

Salt:                                                         <10 mg

Vitamins, minerals 100 g product:

Calcium: 254 mg RDA% 31,75%; Phosphorus:454 mg RDA% 64,8%; Potassium: 860 mg RDA% 43%; Vitamin E: 20 mg RDA% 166,6%; Folic acid: 0,05 mg RDA% 25%.

Country of origin: EU

Best before: Noted on the package (day/month/year)

Storage instructions: cool place, safe from sunlight and moisture. Refrigerate after opening!

Batch number / date of pack or manufacture: displayed on the package

Distributor: BGB INTERHERB Kft. 1136 Budapest, Tátra street 25.