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INTERHERB D3-vitamin FORTE 4000 IU soft gelatin capsule

For supporting bones and the immune system

Dietary supplement

Net weight: 45 g

90 pcs, XXL packaging


Vitamin D is a vitamin produced in our body by sunlight. Based on dietary recommendations, it is advisable to supplement the body’s supply of vitamin D during the winter, sun-defied period, unilateral diet, as well as for the elderly.

Vitamin D contributes:

·       normal functions of the immune system

·       maintaining healthy bone structure and to preserving normal teeth

·       healthy muscles

·       utilization of calcium and phosphorous

Ingredients/capsule: soy oil, gelatin, lubricant (glycerol), water, cholecalciferol.

Suggestions: maximum daily 1 capsule.


Active agents/1 capsule (daily portion):                                                                            

D3-vitamin:                100 µg 4000 IU (RDA*%: 2000%)

*RDA: Recommended dietary allowance reference values for adults expressed in %.



Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage! Taking this dietary supplement is NOT recommended for those who have hypercalcaemia, hypercalciuria or calcium containing renal stones! Co-administration of this product with other magnesium containing medications is forbidden (at least an 8 hour difference is required between taking them)! In case of taking this product, you should avoid administration of other Vitamin D containing preparations! Taking this dietary supplement does not substitute balanced, mixed diet and healthy lifestyle.


Best before: Noted on the package (day, month, year).

Storage instructions: room temperature (15-25 ºC). Keep away from children!


OÉTI (NIFNS-National Institute for Food and Nutrition Science) notification number:25680/2021


Batch number: displayed on the package

Manufacturer and distributor: BGB INTERHERB Kft: 1136 Budapest, Tátra street 25.

E-mail:    Bar code:5999542646461