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  • with beta-glucan
  • with purposefully selected vitamins
  • with organic mineral compounds and trace elements
  • with BioPerine, which supports the utilization of active ingredients

Health restarted

60 pcs dietary supplement capsule

Net weight: x g



Ingredients: Beta-glucan, L-ascorbic acid, zinc gluconate, selenium yeast, colecalciferol, iron fumarate, copper gluconate, vitamin-A acetate, pepper extract (BioPerine) weight gain agents: microcrystalline cellulose, sodium carboxymethylcellulose; anti-caking agents: dicalcium phosphate anhydrate, magnesium salts of fatty acids; copper gluconate.


Active agents/ 1 capsule (daily portion)): 

A-vitamin:          800 µg                     RDA*%:    100 %

C-vitamin:          250 mg                    RDA*%:    312,5 %

D3-vitamin:          50 µg (2000 IU)   RDA*%:    1000 %

Zinc:                        5 mg                    RDA*%:       50 %

Copper:                         1 mg                     RDA*%:    100 %

Iron:                         7 mg                     RDA*%:       50 %

Selenium:                  55 µg                      RDA*%:    100 %  

Beta-glucan:    200 mg 

BioPerine®:           5 mg

*RDA – Recommended dietary allowance reference values for adults expressed in %


Suggestions: Daily 1 capsule. Take one capsule daily during your main meal and swallow it without chewing with at least 2 dl liquid.


Warning: Taking this dietary supplement does not substitute balanced, mixed diet and healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage! Keep away from children!  


OÉTI (NIFNS-National Institute for Food and Nutrition Science) notification number:

Best before: noted on the bottom of the package (day, month, year).

Storage instructions: dry place, room temperature (15-25 ºC)

Manufacturer and distributor: BGB Interherb Kft, 1136 Budapest, Tátra street 25.