GINGISOL gingival solution 10 ml

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GINGISOL gingival solution 10 ml


Reliable quality, original composition


Provident healthcare begins with teeth and mouth care. The Gingisol gingival and mouth-care solution – which has a pleasant scent – provides optimal oral hygiene. Its natural components are efficient in everyday care of the oral cavity and gum.

The anti-inflammatory effect of chamomille, the cooling effect of menthol and the mild anaesthetic effect of clove oil are well-known. Volatile oils help to preserve and restore healthy microflora of the oral cavity.

The Gingisol gingival and mouth-care solution is well-applicable in everyday oral care and it also helps preventing from unpleasant symptoms of periodontosis ( wasting of gum ). In case of use of dental prostheses mucosal complaints occur very frequently, but with application of Gingisol solution directly to the affected area or as a mouth-wash these complaints can be abolished.


Let Gingisol solution be part of everyday teeth and mouth care.


Ingredients: chamomille (Chamomilla Recutita) extract, Glycerine, Alcohol, clove (Cariophylli) oil, Vanillin, Menthol, Camphor.


Active agents: clove oil, chamomille extract

Adjuvants: menthol, camphor, glycerin


Application: For everyday care of the mouth and oral cavity put 5-10 drops of Gingisol solution to 0.5 dl tepid water and rinse with this or apply it directly to the affected area with the help of a cotton pad.


Warning: in case of hypersensitivity reactions application of the product has to be terminated. Keep out of reach of children.


Storage: store at room temperature


Best before: for 18 months from the manufacturing date ( noted on bottom side of the package )


Registration number: OÉTI 4079/2006.




Distributor: BGB Interherb Ltd.