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For healthy digestion

Dietary supplement

30 capsules

Inappropriate diet, heavy and greasy food may overload the stomach and forces the liver and the gallbladder to work harder. Due to these causes digestive disorders may appear which result in meteorism, nausea and feeling of fullness. The extract of artichoke is rich in  cinarine which enhances bile production. It supports healthy digestion, normal bowel movements and gastrointestinal comfort.

The daily intake of these capsules is recommended to maintain healthy digestion and to complete a balanced diet.

The extract content of one capsule is identical with 4 g of powdered artichoke leaf with concentrated active agent content.

400 mg artichoke  (Cynara scolymus) leaf extract,  microcrystalline cellulose (filler material), microcrystalline menthol, gelatine, titanium-dioxide (colourant), magnesium-stearate, talcum powder, colloidal silicon-dioxide (excipients which prevent agglomeration)

Net weight: 17.6 g

Active agent/daily dose ( 1 capsule ):

Artichoke leaf extract ( 10:1 ): 400 mg

Cinarine: 20 mg ( in 400 mg extract )

Recommended intake: one capsule daily. It is recommended to be taken after lunch without chewing. If you experience mild gastrointestinal symptoms regularly, it is recommended to take these capsules for a 2-3 month period. After taking one month break the therapy can be continued.

Warning: Taking these capsules is not recommended for those who are prone to cholelithiasis (gall-stones) or who are sensitive to herbs from the aster (Asteraceae) family. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Taking this dietary supplement does not substitute balanced and mixed diet or healthy way of life.

Storage: store at room temperature ( 15-250C ) Keep out of reach of children

Best before: noted on the package ( year, month, day )

OÉTI ( NIFNS-National Institute for Food and Nutrition Science ) notification number:

Batch number: noted on the package

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