Soft brown cane sugar 500g

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Aroma-rich and characteristic taste describes this chocolate-coloured, creamly whirling cane sugar which has unique scent. It contains all the valuable components of crude cane sugar. Its high molasses content is the result of the fresh and gentle processing. It makes coffee, tea and cocoa special and it provides magnificent taste for biscuits and cookies.
 Store at a dry and cool place. Incidental nodulation does not influence the flavour and quality of the product.
Application: sweetener, instead of traditional, granulated sugar. 
Country of origin: Islands of the Indian Ocean 

Distributor: BGB Interherb Ltd. 1087 Budapest, Százados út 18. Phone: (+36)-1-299-0418

Mauritian cane sugar 500 g
The mauritian cane sugar is acquired from traditionally cultivated and freshly harvested sugar cane. Characteristic flavour, quality and optimal trace element content features our product. Its flavour harmonically fits fresh fruit acids thus we recommend it for making cookies, fools and desserts. It makes a cup of coffee, cocoa or tea unforgettable.
Packaging: 500 g
Country of origin: Mauritius
Distributor: BGB Interherb Ltd.
Bar-code: 5999544190160
Cane sugar cube 1000 g
This sugar cube is made of traditionally cultivated cane sugar without additives. Its taste reminds us of caramel. It makes a cup of coffee or tea unforgettable.

Distributor: BGB Interherb Ltd., 1087 Budapest, Százados út 18. Phone(+36)-1-299-0418
Store at a dry and cool place
Country of origin: Belgium
Origin of the product: Indian Islands
Retains its quality indefinitely